~ The Bridge ~ East Greenwich Pleasaunce SE10 ~

Private Party Hire Frequently Asked Questions

Can I look around?  

Yes you are very welcome, please drop into a stay and play session.

What is the maximum capacity?  

We can accommodate 40 people (adults and children) at the venue (inside and outside). We cannot take bookings of over 40 people as our insurance will not cover us.

What happens on the day of my party?  

Your party host will meet you at the Bridge at the time your hire period starts or at the Chevening Road entrance with a large trolley (we will send you details about this a few days before your party). They will show you where everything is.  At the end of your party your host will return to clean and lock up. Please note we ask you to tidy away the outside and inside toys and equipment and dispose of helium canisters. You will also be asked to clear away all your food.

What are the kitchen facilities?  

We have a small kitchen inside the hall with a sink (drinking water tap) and a kettle. Inside the office is a very small fridge/freezer. Please bring your own tea and coffee. We have thermos mugs with lids that you must use for Health & Safety purposes. Please do not use anything from the cupboards that are marked for the After School Club. Please do not take anything out of the freezer – there is ice left in there at all times for a child with a medical condition who attends the after school club.

How many tables and chairs do you have?  

6 small red and blue rectangular folding tables suitable for young children to sit at (each table seats approximately six children), are 50 cm high and 120 cm long.

2 hexagonal children’s tables

2 small white drop down tables that are attached to the wall (which  many people use for cake, platters etc)  67 cm high and just over a metre long..

If needed we also have a long trestle table that food can be set out on.

We have approximately 25 children’s small chairs and 8 adult plastic chairs.

Outside are two fixed wooden picnic tables with benches either side.

Your host will show you where all the tables and chairs are stored so you can set them up as you wish.

What toys can I use?  

You can choose from the outside toys including the ride on cars and trikes – your party host will open the outside container for you during setup. Please note these are suitable for under fives only. Please return any items at the end of the party back to where you found them. Please don’t use anything belonging to the after school club as they are a separate business to the Bridge. Please keep doors to the store room, outside container and office closed to keep children safe.

Can I have the room completely cleared?  

Yes please request this when booking. 

Can I use outside entertainers?

Yes that’s absolutely fine.

Can I bring my own decorations?  

Yes please do – please use string and not blue tac or sellotape (as this takes the paint off the walls) and could affect your damage deposit. We do ask that you don't use anything that would affect other users or our wildlife such as confetti, water balloons orbeez etc.  Please remove your balloons, bunting and other decoration at the end of the party and remember if you used a Helium cylinder, please take this with you as our rubbish collectors will not take them.

Can I bring alcohol for adults?  

Yes, this is absolutely fine.  We would suggest not bringing glass containers in case of breakages.

Do you have a stereo or speaker?  

Yes, new for 2020 we have a Bluetooth Speake add-on for £15/hire!  You are welcome to use it inside if volume is kept to an acceptable level. However we cannot allow music to be played outside the Bridge as the music travels across the park and we have had complaints from the public before. 

Can I have a bouncy castle at the venue?  

Yes – you can set one up outside. Please email the Bridge details of the public liability insurance from the Bouncy Castle Hiring Company as our insurance doesn’t cover the use of bouncy castles.  We recommend Avabounce as we already have their insurance details and they are fully aware of our space and access policies.

Can I drive into the park?

Strictly no cars are allowed in the park for parties – this includes the hirer and also any guests. The council make an exception for Bouncy Castle providers.  We have a large trolleys designed for moving party equipment around.  Your party host can meet you at the Chevening Road entrance to the park where you can unload your car and park it in a nearby street and walk the trolley and your party items up to the Bridge.  You can then use the trolley to bring all your party items back to your car at the end of you party and return the trolley to your host.